Catch Wild ~ Kickstarter Video

Ironbird Studios recently produced a video for the band Catch Wild – to support their fundraising campaign through This website is enabling a growing trend in independent music that allows artists to fund recording projects through fan donations.

Catch Wild and Ironbird Studios have worked together in the past at a live concert video shoot at Brooklyn’s Bar Matchless.  So we were excited to get a call from them again to work on this Kickstarter video – with the interview shot at the famous Big Blue Meanie studios in Jersey City, NJ.

Catch Wild’s fiery front-girl, Jessica Rose, and guitarist Doug Atkins gained notoriety in 2009 when they won the acoustic round of  Break’n Through, a concert series sponsored by VH1.  After bringing in bassist Eric Swiontkowski and former drummer Shawn Fichtner – they went on to be declared “Best Band” in the finals in May 2010.

Ironbird Studios encourages you to check out and help them meet their Kickstarter goal.  If your band is interested in raising funds for your next project and would like a video to help promote your efforts – don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mastering at West Westside

Big Wake band leader Gerry Rosenthal listens intently while legendary Mastering Engineer Alan Douches tweaks the mix.

Ironbird Studios was thrilled to pay a visit to beautiful New Windsor, NY – and work with legendary Mastering Engineer Alan Douches at West Westside Music on the Big Wake album. We had a wonderful time, and learned a lot from Alan – who has mastered everything from Sufjan Stevens to Sepultura! Check back soon for tracks from the finished album.

Rangefinders – Bitter End Video Shoot

Ironbird Studios is finishing up recording the debut release from alt-country-rockers; Rangefinders.  We were happy to provide video coverage for their debut NYC appearance at The Bitter End on 4/14/11.  This special performance featured all 6 members that recorded on the album – including bluegrass heavy-hitters Gary Oleyar (fiddle) and Jimmy Heffernan (dobro & pedal steel). Eric Lindberg (acoustic guitar & vocals) is the lead songwriter and frontman of the crew – supported by Sean Villere (electric guitar), Marc Stewart (bass), and Cliff Ramsay (Drums).  Enjoy a video sample of the show – and be sure to like them on Facebook for updates.

Big Wake – Mixes are done!

For those of you who don’t know Big Wake….you should…and you will. Led by one of NJ’s hardest working musicians, Gerry Rosenthal, the 4-piece band makes music that covers all the important bases; incredibly interesting songwriting, catchy and conscience lyrics, impeccable musicianship, and extremely solid vocals. Sum all of their talents and you have a band that needs to be heard. That time has come.

After months of recording and mixing – we are finally wrapping up the mixes and have scheduling the mastering session for the beginning of May. Enjoy a preview un-mastered mix below, and be sure to visit their Facebook page for band and album updates.


Mindworks by Big Wake

3 Job Night ~ Only Living Boy / Quimby Mountain Band / Thick Leather Brick – Video Shoot @ Court Tavern

Ironbird Studios was thrilled to produce live concert video for 3 amazing bands at a special night hosted by Hub City Music. The special event, put together for the purpose of the video shoot, took place at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ on March 15, 2011. The night started with Quimby Mountain Band - who laid down some incredible folk-infused americana rock with smooth, catchy vocals.  Then Only Living Boy took the stage and raged with their high energy distorto rock – giving new meaning to the power trio form.  Lastly, Thick Leather Brick closed the night with their dynamic and passionate vocal driven rock and roll. All 3 bands are from the Hackettstown, NJ area.

The Hi-Def single camera shoot was handheld, employing the Manfrotto Fig Rig stabilizer system.  The camera movement is organic, and showcases the energy that handheld shooting can lend to a live video production.  Enjoy some samples from the night below:

Ignis – Records an album in a day!

Some records are made over the course of months…even years.  But NJ groove sextet, Ignis, needed an album pronto!  As a new up and coming band, they needed a quality recording that they could use to obtain gigs and help spread the word about their new sound.  Spending a long time recording an album would not facilitate that need – so they made it in a day!

Sacrificing the luxuries of overdubbing, recording isolation, and countless takes – the band set up in the same room and played music…what a novel idea!  The resulting recordings showcased the organic and soulful nature of the band’s instrumental music.

Enjoy the recordings below – and check out for more info.


Recording Intense Men

Intense Men approached Ironbird with a challenge – make us a record, on a budget, in a day, that sounds, well…intense.  Maybe I’m paraphrasing, but that is how I inferred it.  The Drums/Bass/Guitar/Clarinet instrumental quartet writes and performs music that is hard to categorize.   Sometimes aggressive, sometimes melancholy, but always incredibly thick and deep…oozing with saturation and tone – performed with acute musicianship.  Shove your pretty jazz records through a gnarled rusty cheesegrater and melt them in the microwave over some sparking shrapnel – consume – and we’ll be on the same page.

Drummer, Ben Ross, played a huge part in the sound of this recording.  Ben set up the night before the session and we recorded some drum tests.  Ben had a vision for the tonal shape of the drums – and as usual, the best set up was the simplest.  With minimal mics on the kit – the overall sound of the drums is a mono overhead ribbon mic (AEA R92).  As always, Ironbird’s iconic Chandler TG1 compressor plays a huge part in the harmonic saturation and pump of the drum kit.  Bury me with that monster! (the compressor…not Ben)

The simplified set up was an engineer’s dream – and then Mike Noordzy and his honkin’ contralto clarinet showed up to the party!   Fortunately two Beyerdynamic m160 ribbon mics captured the woody essence of the beast – and the unidirectional design (rare for a ribbon mic) maintained a substantial amount of rear-mic rejection.  This was key since all the musicians were in the same room – and drum bleed in to the clarinet mics was a concern.

Bassist Steve Honoshowsky was playing a classic headless Steinberger bass – captured by a Little Labs STD DI box, preamped by a vintage Telefunken tube in the Sebatron.   The clean, round, and accurate bass tone was not what the doctor ordered for this record – so the bass was gritty’d up during mixdown.

Guitarist Chris Caratello was a six-string monster during this session – injecting soul and energy in to his chugs and leads.  The album’s thickness and tonal butter was a result of Chris’ tone – achieved with his tube head powering a 2-12″ Carvin loaded cabinet – isolated in another room.  The cab was double mic’d with a Shure SM7b & Sennheiser MD421.  Chris commented that the tone of the guitar tracks sounded like the tone that he is used to hearing from his amp.  A seemingly simple concept – but after numerous points of circuitry and conversion – such a feat is sometimes easier said than done.  We were happy to keep Chris’ tone intact for the record.

Enjoy a few tracks off the album – and be sure to stop in at Nacht Records to pick up a copy, and support the other independent bands they endorse.

Intense Men by Ironbird Studios

Tommy Strazza – Video Documentary

What better way to promote an upcoming album release than with a video documentary!   Videos can be shared on social networks, embedded on websites, tagged, emailed, burned to DVD…all while spreading a message.  In Tommy Strazza’s case, after months of hard work recording his latest release, he wanted to promote it from as many angles as possible…so he contacted Ironbird Studios to produce a video.  Tommy had a lot to say about the development of his album – so we did an in-studio interview – and coupled that with rehearsal, performance, and aesthetic footage shot on the Asbury Park boardwalk.   The soundtrack consisted of songs from the album – that were creatively synced up with on-camera actions in a few places.

Contact Ironbird Studios when you are ready to promote your message on video.